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  • Caliway Biopharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. (Caliway) focuses on exploring novel drugs for obesity and anti-aging cosmedicine products via unique core technologyplatform to prove pharmacological efficacy and verify safety. As a pioneer in pharmaceutical industry, Caliway is committed to providing improved treatment and better life quality. 

    Caliway is committed to new drug development and its pharmacological research, where to involve in initial drug efficacy screening, mechanism of action, and the determination of the molecule with therapeutic effect. Following potential market trend, we screen and select molecule to conduct pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, and toxicology studies in animal. We are also capable of preforming chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) studies for our candidates to bring it into drug products.

    Solution to Obesity and Aging
    New drugs for obesity 
    ●Injection lipolysis
    ●Weight loss drug
    ●Diabetes mellitus
    ●Other obesity-related diseases

    Microplastic injection for anti-aging purpose - Class III combination products

    ●Skin whitening injections
    ●Anti-aging injections




    Oct. 2012

    Founding of Caliway Biopharmaceuticals Company Limited.

    Feb. 2013

    Establishment of GLP-compliant new drug R&D center.

    Dec. 2014

    Awarded the SBIR grant from the Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) for the development project of the local liposuction injection.

    Jan. 2015

    Localized Injection Lipolysis Agent Development Program has acquired funding from SBIR, Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    Mar. 2015

    Increasing the capital to about US$ 2,880,000 (NT$ 86,400,000). [Authorized capital: about US$ 6,600,000 (NT$ 200,000,000)]

    Mar. 2015

    QC Laboratory acquired TAF ISO 17025 certificate (No. 3026).

    Nov. 2015

    Caliway Biomedical Laboratory has got the extending accreditation by TAF(Accreditation number: 3026).

    Dec. 2015

    Drug-containing Injective Hyaluronic Acid Development Program acquired funding from SBIR, Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs.

    Dec. 2016

    Increasing the capital to about US$ 4,850,000 (NT$ 145,500,000).

    Jan. 2017

    Phase II clinical trial for weight loss drug CBW-511 approved by TFDA.

    Jan. 2017

    CBL-514, localized injection lipolysis, named as CDE index case (IDX).

    Mar. 2017

    CBW-511, weight loss drug patented by TIPO.

    Mar. 2017

    CBL-514, localized injection lipolysis patented by TIPO.

    Mar. 2017

    Headquarters relocated to Xizhi Farglory U-TOWN (about 3150 m2).

    Jun. 2017

    CBO-012, new drugs for Osteoarthritis patented by TIPO.

    Jun. 2017

    Health food have acquired DOH Health Food Regulation No. A00336 by TFDA.

    Jun. 2017

    Conducted issuance of common stock for cash, the accrued capital increased to about US$ 6,700,000 (NT$ 201,150,000).

    Jul. 2017

    Began subject enrollment for phase II clinical trial of CBW-511 in National Taiwan University Hospital, China Medicine University, Mackay Memorial Hospital.

    Dec. 2017

    Approved as Biotech New Drug Company by Government.