Our Science - Small-Molecule Drug Discovery

Caliway focuses on breakthrough medical aesthetics and inflammatory medicine discovery of small-molecule therapeutics. We also choose areas of unmet medical need and target a growing market worth more than $10 billion to expand their market opportunity. Our leading candidate, CBL-514, is a first-in-class new drug that can trigger adipocyte apoptosis at the injection site and effectively reduce subcutaneous fat without causing tissue necrosis or prominent side effects. The results of the CBL-514 clinical trial could potentially compete in the more than $100 billion prescription fat reduction market with further advances in the drug development process.


Our Focus - Aesthetics Medical & Inflammatory Disease

Caliway is currently evaluating the safety and efficacy of CBL-514, a first-in-class agent that induces adipocyte apoptosis and reduces subcutaneous fat in the targeted area. 
Independently developed by Caliway, CBL-514 is under multiple studies for multiple indications, including local fat reduction, cellulite, and Dercum’s disease treatment. The Phase II clinical trial of CBL-514 for non-invasive fat reduction indication was completed in March 2023. The study has demonstrated that CBL-514 can reduce an average of 312.1mL of subcutaneous fat in the treated area with a favorable safety and tolerability profile.
Caliway’s other candidate products’ indications include central obesity, hyperpigmentation, and skin aging.



To become the international innovative pharmaceutical leader in the fields of medical aesthetics.


Our Mission is to break through the current technical difficulties with the company's research and development innovation of new drugs, and to create better treatment options to increase the quality of life.

Our Global Strategy For New Drugs

In addition to initiating clinical trials of drugs and indications that require a shorter development period to accelerate the development licensing timeline, Caliway also targets rare disease indication to speed up the clinical trial application and reviewing process.

Regarding the layout of new drug patents, Caliway has successively applied for patent protection in numerous countries worldwide since 2015. Of 88 patent applications filed, more than 80% of them have been approved.